Experimental Biophilic Workspace

The Shard Living Lab – An Experimental Biophilic Workspace Designed by DaeWha Kang Design for UK facilities management company Mitie, The Shard Living Lab is an experimental work environment on the 12th floor of The Shard in London with the express purpose of measuring the impact of biophilic design on worker wellness and productivity. Biophilia... Continue Reading →

Office Design – Engaging staff for design success

Less Stress, Increased Active Engagement the Secret Ingredients for Workplace Success Once upon a time it was thought that a cut-throat workplace with employees competing ferociously against one another was the secret to financial success. Not anymore, according to an increasing body of scientific evidence that disproves the idea and supports the concept of employee... Continue Reading →

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design recognises our place in nature, and aims to maintain, restore and enhance physiological and psychological connections to the natural world within the built environment. Biophilia, literally ‘a love of nature’ is a term coined by biologist Edward O. Wilson in his book of the same name published in 1984. In the book, Wilson... Continue Reading →

Why are Standing Desks Good for You?

JOINING THE RAT RACE ASIDE, HERE’S WHY STANDING DESKS ARE GOOD FOR YOU Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Virginia Woolf wrote while standing up. Since everything old is new again, it seems it’s not so strange after all, but a much healthier way to work. But is working in a giant rodent toy... Continue Reading →

Workplace Design Trends at Orgatec 2018

Swings and Roundabouts: Workplace Design Trends at Orgatec 2018 Orgatec, held in Cologne, Germany, every second year, this year featured 753 exhibitors from 39 companies and attracted 63,000 visitors keen to view the latest in office furniture and workplace design products. This year, there were so many swings as seating that one could be forgiven... Continue Reading →

What is Co-Working?

A new breed of office tenant is choosing ‘space for hire’ rather than renting an office, creating a growing trend in vibrant co-working spaces for start-ups, freelancers and solopreneurs. If you’re just venturing out in business, or you’re a freelancer trying to become established, the cost of renting an office can be daunting; overheads can... Continue Reading →

How to choose the right Office Space?

Choosing New Office Space to Boost Business Performance The right choice of office could positively affect the accelerated growth of your business, attract the best and brightest, reduce staff turnover and improve workplace productivity. What’s more, it’s absolutely possible for your office rental costs to be completely offset as a result of these benefits. That’s... Continue Reading →

Adding Greenery to your Offices

Eco Garden Offices – Just Add Vegetables and a Rice Paddy    People work better when they don't feel like they are trapped inside all day and the best way to avoid that is to bring nature into the office, or take the office outdoors. From stunning green walls to lush and productive organic vegetable... Continue Reading →

ABW: Love it or not?

ACTIVITY-BASED WORKING: LOVE IT OR NOT IT’S THE NEW NORMAL Is activity-based working another corporate fad, a way to reduce corporate overheads or a healthier and more productive way to get the job done? Remember the old days when you got to work, went to your office, sat at your desk and felt it was... Continue Reading →

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