Why are Standing Desks Good for You?

JOINING THE RAT RACE ASIDE, HERE’S WHY STANDING DESKS ARE GOOD FOR YOU Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Virginia Woolf wrote while standing up. Since everything old is new again, it seems it’s not so strange after all, but a much healthier way to work. But is working in a giant rodent toy... Continue Reading →

Workplace Design Trends at Orgatec 2018

Swings and Roundabouts: Workplace Design Trends at Orgatec 2018 Orgatec, held in Cologne, Germany, every second year, this year featured 753 exhibitors from 39 companies and attracted 63,000 visitors keen to view the latest in office furniture and workplace design products. This year, there were so many swings as seating that one could be forgiven... Continue Reading →

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